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Online Mentoring programme for Civil Services prelims 2025 : RAG 2025

This is a mentoring programme (Not coaching), where we mentor you to study and prepare well for the UPSC civil services. The Methodology adopted is RAG (Check the website for details). This is 100% FREE and online mentoring with occasional face to face meetings. The aim of the mentoring is to motivate you to work hard and support you thru this tough times of preparation.

Though there will be daily classes for a period of a year, still there won’t be spoon feeding or coaching classes. We discuss and understand things. Discuss personalized strategy and such other things.

We select around 100 students and mentor them until they clear the interview. Registration will put you thru a rigorous selection process where you are evaluated 360 degrees by the mentors who are in-turn those who cleared the UPSC and are serving as civil servants.

The selection process extends over a period of one month and is subjective. Individual mentors will select the students who they think will get best of the mentoring programme.

This is a pro-bono intuitive and there is NO COST. ‘

But, you need to work hard and motivated strongly. There is no question that will be unanswered by the experts in the field.

Online entrance test date : Soon


The aspirants who wants to be trained here are expected to become the ideal civil servants of tomorrow, thus spearheading good governance in India
Mentoring process here is online(through telegram app), interactive and hand-holds the aspirants from about an year before the prelims till the interview.
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The programme is run by ‘Mentors Team’. We are a group of like minded serving civil servants. We strive to have one to one interaction with aspirant (1:~30 being the ratio).


Blogs on few topics have been posted by mentors in the below link

Interactive classes are conducted almost on a daily basis, through Telegram messenger groups, which allows the aspirants to clear their doubts in terms of understanding, required depth of study and relevance to the civil services. Assignments are given in the class which will be required to be submitted through email/telegram, verified and explained. This initiative we hope will be useful to many motivated and hardworking students, who for some reason are not able to join regular coaching classes. We believe that going through our mentoring programme is good enough to clear the CSE.  Our classes are conducted mostly in the early morning and late evening, its success depends on level of commitment in team work and mandatory assignments are fulfilled by the aspirant. More details of mentoring process is available under the menu about mentoring and RAG.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service  “It is mandatory for all aspirants who enroll to have a Telegram account. A group in Telegram is created in which all the Mentors and selected aspirants are present. All the daily classes are conducted by Mentors in chat-mode or/and voice-mode.”

All communication is conducted via English language only.

The strategy adopted in mentoring has the following components:

  • RAG, a method of prioritising the syllabus.
  • Crowd sourcing of notes and mock question papers.
  • Regular insightful Class Discussion with Mentors.
  • Intensive mock tests and feedback with Mentors.
  • Personalized counselling to each candidate on all aspects of preparation.

This mentoring is best for those candidates who have already started their preparation and have done at least one reading of the entire prelims syllabus. Thus, if you have already attempted prelims once, then you are the ideal candidate!  If you are starting totally afresh, you need to seriously burn midnight oil and catch up.

The selection of candidates to this mentoring programme is done through a commitment test, where the aspirants’ commitment to the programme is tested. Commitment test for the ensuing year will be conducted in the month of July (after prelims result) through which only the committed aspirant will be taken to the RAG method. (150-300 aspirants will be selected).

We have been mentoring aspirants for more than four years with the success rate improving impressively. So, if you have decided to take the plunge, then welcome aboard.