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About CivilServicesGuru

The seed for this program was sown in 2010 by some of our founding mentors who created WhatsApp groups to guide the civil service aspirants. Since then, we have come a long way to a more organized form of mentoring, as it is now.

We gathered experience on the way and are motivated by the success and feedback from the aspirants themselves.

We do it as a pro-bono, part-time activity, out of passion for empowering people. Thus, it is absolutely free now, and planned to be so always.

The program is run by ‘Mentors Team’. It consists of three categories of faculty. The ‘Mentors’, who take classes regularly, the ‘Associate Mentors’ who support us closely, and the ‘Guest speakers’. While the Mentors and Associate Mentors are serving civil servants, who have been selected through the UPSC, Guest speakers are experts having more than 10 years’ experience in their respective fields.

All decisions regarding this mentoring initiative are arrived at by the core group of mentors called as the ‘Mentors Team’. Such decisions are final and not open for any dispute.