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Know the Mentors

We stand on the efforts of the foundation made by many mentors from the year 2010 onward…  

Without their efforts the programme could not have reached this level…


The mentors for classes for CSE 2020 are (in alphabetical order) as follows….

Arul Jothi IRPFS 1994

Babu IRPS 2013

Balamurugan IRS 1997

Cholarajan ICLS 2016

Ezhil budhan ITS 1987

Manivannan IAS 1998

Mittali Sethi IAS 2017

Ravichander IRTS 2000

Rishab CA IAS 2019

R S Gopalan IAS 2001

Sai Amutha IP&TAFS 1995

Sathish IP&TAFS 2014

Sudha Ramen IFS 2013

Sudharsan IRTS 2001